The new SOHO

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Come get swept up in our Oslo sofa, with its modern, clean lines, elegant legs and crisp tailoring. It has a sizable back shoulder and arm rests, great for leaning on (or placing a coaster on) during a night in with friends.

With a slim arm and a large dome-shaped metal shade, this metal and marble contemporary floor lamp is a great way to achieve overhead lighting with style. The gold wire drawing finish and chunky white marble base complement the decor of any room.

Evoking the glitz of classic Hollywood Regency designs, this sharp geometric chandelier stuns, whether hanging above your dining room table or illuminating your front entryway. Composed of staggered slats of reclaimed mirror backed with antique brass, the 4-light chandelier radiates light and luxury, making even small spaces feel palatial.

Gold and white, the new chic combination!