Cool Down your Space with the Right Furnishing

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What's the best furnishing solution for a hot summer?

☆ Seaside style is the best choice。

The refreshing color and touch will remind you the holidays by the seaside.

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Blue color is always the tone for seaside style. It's the color of the sea and sky!

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The uniquely designed Pier Rope Lamps feature a rope base artfully formed into a sailing knot. 

They feature a jute shade and come in both tabletop and floor lamp sizes.

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These beautiful sea-life reproductions are an elegant way to infuse sophisticated seaside style to any bookcase or tabletop.

<span style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px currentcolor; border-image-source: none; color: rgb(118, 146, 60); font-style: normal; max-width: 100%; box-sizing: border-box !important; >◎ They are all made of articial material and environment-friendly.

☆ Make the days softer

Pastry tone makes people feel quiet.

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Softer colors will easily match white walls and wood floor.

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If you don't want to change furnitures or wall colors, just put on these lovely pastel accents.

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☆ More flowers and plants!

Summer is the best season for flowers and plants, let them bloom and grow in your space all the days.

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Beautiful planters and vases are always the best partners of plants.

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Too busy? No problem, flaux plants also bring you the freshness of the nature.

☆ Natural elements are cool

Materials from the nature are must-have elements of country style.

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◎ Linen is getting more popular, becasue they look natural and refreshing. Also, it's mildew-resistant.

☆ Little things make it different

They bring coolness to every corner.

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